Icons: Fashion Illustrators

The exhibition honours the fashion personalities who have marked our time with their creations, their images or their brands, through the eyes of two Parisian talents: Antoine Kruk and Marc-Antoine Coulon.

From Rykiel to Gaultier, Lagerfeld to Mugler, the two artists carefully sketch the extraordinary characters of these legends. Linda, Naomie, Ines, Giselle, Anna, so many names that have become the glories of the fashion world through their attitudes, glances, and smiles. Valentino, Lancel, Chanel, world famous maisons whose essence can be captured by an it-bag, a silhouette, a sole colour.  Icons make up the whole popular imagery and surround us in every medium, inspiring us constantly. This is how Marc-Antoine Coulon and Antoine Kruk were able to transcribe a movement, a detail, a look, or a silhouette in their works and give us their perceptions of their icons.