Bunny in Paris

Since its opening, Alfalibra Gallery has supported the alliance of art and fashion, as well as the different “lifestyles”; the most varied sources of inspiration and the LGBTQ+ artistic world. Thus we find all these values in the exhibition “Bunny in Paris”, the second solo show of CARTOON CALLED LIFE, a unique universe created by Juraj Straka and curated by Frédéric Fontan. 
CARTOON CALLED LIFE adventure begins as an antidote to the stress of the fashion world, which Juraj had been part of since 2007. He creates a comic featuring a little rabbit named “Bunny” who’s gay and white, found in a humorous and colorful universe. The aim is to stimulate a positive feeling in the spectator’s mind, either evoked by a joke, a smiling face of Bunny or by a bright color spectrum. In most pieces we can find repeating attributes of Bunny’s world: pizza, coffee mugs, stars, icosahedrons, and last but not least, “beardiful” men.