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"Beaubourg - Delhi:

La Mission"

By AdAlbErT KhAn

09/09/2020 - 26/09/2020


Our Latest Exhibitions

DitaVonTeese - GlamForHospital : Alfalib

25/06/2020 - 25/07/2020

By Ali Mahdavi

24/02/2020 - 14/03/2020

By Antoine Kruk & Marc-Antoine Coulon

26/11/2019 - 12/01/2020

By Juraj Straka, creator of Cartoon
Called Life

Artists We Work With


Marc-Antoine Coulon

Juraj Straka

Charlie le Mindu

Antoine Kruk

About Galerie Alfalibra Fontan

Galerie Alfalibra Fontan aims to link art, fashion and lifestyle in a unique place of trend and creation located in the heart of the Upper Marais between Gaité Lyrique, the Musée des Arts et Métiers and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s atelier.

This creative laboratory, created by Frédéric Fontan, offers a look and a reflection on the world of art, fashion and luxury that Galerie Alfalibra Fontan develops according to its meetings and projects through exhibitions of photography, videos, installations, but also as a pop-up and a showroom.

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Tuesday - Saturday: 2pm - 7pm
Sunday: Closed


324 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

+33 1 83 97 94 68

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